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Dear friends and family members of Jin Haoyang:


As a grand plan impacting the whole world, China’s "One Belt and One Road Initiative" now has been fully rolled out in global, which will bring new opportunities for China-Africa economic cooperation. Relying on the investment that "One Belt and One Road Initiative" brings to infrastructure and other interconnection projects, Africa can promote its industrialization progress to achieve poverty alleviation and further development."

Africa, with rich resources, huge market potential, and unlimited business opportunities, is a fertile ground for Chinese enterprises to “go global”. Therefore, we have integrated resources and platforms to enter the African market as the leading role in practicing “One Belt and One Road Initiative”. At present, through cooperation, acquisition, and self-development, our business in Africa is engaged in well drilling, water supply, roads, bridges, municipal works, dams, docks and irrigation. All projects we have built are excellent, which greatly promoting the development of African and winning highly acclamation from people of all countries.

Togethering with other Chinese companies, “Kingho” will bring China's development wisdom to Africa to support its economic growth. We will become the builder and witness of Africa’s rising. Under the favorable conditions of the " One Belt and One Road Initiative " and the China-Africa cooperation, we will fulfill our social responsibility to help Africa reduce poverty and accelerate sustained economic growth in line with the concept of "equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, integration and innovation, openness and win-win progress”. We will promote economic and cultural exchanges between China and Africa to jointly extend the influence of Chinese companies and Chinese brands in Africa, thus realizing the beautiful vision of the "New Silk Road" connecting "China Dream" and "World Dream”.


June 2018


Founded in May 2017, Beijing Kingho International Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Kingho”) is a company that actively responded to China’s “One Belt and One Road Initiative” and integrated international resources in line with its “going global” strategy. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has unified control over international business of all member (holding) companies for overall and synergetic development.

Kingho now takes full control of Zhonghao Nigerian company, SONA Pure Water Factory and Zhonghao Macadam Court.

The fully-owned subcompanies of Kingho all have rich business experience in engineering fields, such as well drilling, water supply, highways, bridges, municipal engineering, dams, docks, and irrigation and industrial fields such as pure water and stone processing.

At present, Kingho is striving to extend its market from Nigerian to other African and Southeast Asian markets through cooperation.

After many years operation, Kingho has achieved steady and rapid development that it achieved economic growth year by year and won praises from the international community for its good engineering quality and performance. In the future, Kingho will create a group company featuring “outstanding core business, leading efficiency, high-effective innovation and management, and active mechanism” in line with its business philosophy of “Integrity and win-win cooperation”. Moreover, the company will fulfill its social responsibilities to benefit people from all countries. It’s believed that Kingho will become the world-leading international engineering development builder.