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Zhonghao SONA Pure Water Factory is a modern enterprise specializing in the production and sales of healthy drinking water (pure water + mineral water). It now mainly operates the "SONA DRINKING WATER" brand. Established in October 2015, the company the company was completed and put into production in Katsina, the capital of the Katsina State in Nigeria in November 2016. Meanwhile it obtained the production license of national industrial product after passed the water quality test of NAFDAC. In March 2018, it acquired the MANCAP certification from the SON after more than one year of inspection and review. In just two years since the factory was founded, the company’s sales have exceeded other water factories in the Katsina state and ranked the first for its high quality. At present, SONA products have been operated in 13 states in northern Nigeria.

SONA Pure Water Factory takes deep groundwater below 150 meters of the stratum as the water source. It adopts all-automatic stainless steel automatic production line equipment of Chinese technology, international top double reverse osmosis water-treating equipment and automatic filling equipment. The original water pipeline, water treatment. storage tank, filling, packaging lines and cabins are all made of 304/316 stainless steel. Water with our company’s characteristics of "activating", "weakly alkaline" and "mineralization" can effectively improve human immunity, promote metabolism of human body, and avoid sub-health. High-quality water source and high-tech equipment have created excellent water quality of "SONA pure water".

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